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Welcome to BlockNews.Net support. Here you will find a listing of FAQ's and also a chance for you to create a support ticket. To submit your issue to support, please click on "Contact Support" at the top right to fill out your details or you can e-mail support directly at "". We will respond to your issue within 24 hours, but it is almost always much much sooner. IMPORTANT- Some e-mail systems treat our e-mails as spam, if you do not receive an acknowledgement to your request within 30 minutes, please check your spam/bulk mail folder, as this is where replies from us will most likely end up.

We have begun beta testing "Live Chat" support at varying hours during the day / night.  You will know when "Live Chat" is available when there is a graphic displayed throughout our site.  Give it a try for any of your support needs when you can! 

What makes out block accounts so great???  Many reasons!!  Please read this article for a better understanding of our accounts!

2014-03-21 05:18
EU Server Connection Issues 3/19/14 **Fixed**

There is currently cnnection issues affecting the EU server.  While we work on restoring service, please use the US server.  We apologize for the downtime.

2014-03-21 05:18
New Purchase Issue **Fixed**

New customers and users who make new purchases to there current accounts will receive login errors. We are investigating an issue where the servers are unable to update new purchases.  We hope to have this fixed soon.  We appreciate your patience.

2010-12-06 05:54

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